Stone Sealer: What You Need To Know


A stone sealer is a clear protective material or a penetrating sealer that is poured over the face of a tile, countertop or other kind of stone surface. The seal coats the exposed surface with a thin film for protection from stains and contamination, as well as providing increased resistance to wear and abrasion. In addition, it can also make cleaning easier by allowing dirt and grime to be wiped away without marring the stone. Stone sealers can be used use on patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks, countertops, walls, backsplashes and other surfaces where water may come in contact with the stone.

Treating your pavers, stone, slate, concrete, brick, driveways, and garage floors with a wet look sealer will enhance the color of the natural stone and provide a gloss, if that’s the look you are going for.  Other sealers provide a natural untouched appearance.  The choice is up to you!

Two Types of Natural Stone Sealer


There are film forming coatings and penetrating sealers.  The proper way to seal stone is with a penetrating stone sealer as it will pernitrate the stone and protect it from staining, salt degradation, and staining.

Film Forming Natural Stone Sealer

Film forming sealers (wet look stone sealers) appear as a wet-looking sheen and provide gloss on the stone surface. Some stone paver manufacturers like to use it on polished stone pavers.

Film forming stone sealers tend to be more suitable for stone, tile, and masonry surfaces which do not hold up as well as porous stone surfaces to stone sealer penetration.

Film forming stone sealers are applied using a brush, spraying on or roll-on application and will provide protection against soiling, staining, salt degradation, and mild acid etching. Film forming sealers can also be used on other stone surfaces like stone pavers, brick pavers, stone veneer, stone tile, and other various stone surfaces like granite countertops.

Porous Natural Stone and Penetrating Sealers

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Penetrating natural stone sealers are available in ‘oil based’, ‘water based,’ and more recently, polymer formulations. Penetrating natural stone sealers are designed to soak into porous stone surfaces like stone pavers, limestone, slate, sandstone and marble to form a protective coating inside the pores of the stone. 

Porous stone is stone that will absorb oil, water and dirt. When stone sealers are applied to porous stone, they soak into the stone’s pores. There are different types of stone that need different types of stone sealers – penetrating or film forming. Generally, natural stones like slate, limestone, sandstone are generally classified as porous stone.

The natural stone sealer penetrates into the stone pores to prevent staining, salt degradation, etching and abrasion of stone surfaces. The proper way to seal natural stone, is by using a penetrating sealer.  They are recommended for exterior applications and for thick, smooth or polished stone types such as granite or marble and will provide long lasting protection.

Solvent Based Sealers


Solvent-based sealers use polymer molecules that are combined with solvents. The solvents help to create a continuous solution. When the solvent evaporates, the polymers will remain behind. Solvent based natural stone sealer contains high volatile organic compounds and are not good for the environment.

Water Based Sealers

Water-based and solvent-based sealers have comparable UV resistance and durability. The real difference is water based paver sealers and stone sealers have low volatile organic compounds and are environmentally friendly, plus you won’t breath in any harmful vapors as you would a solvent based sealer. They’re applied in the same manner.  The major drawback of water-based stone sealers is that they are not as durable as solvent-based stone sealers. The durability of natural stone sealer is often associated with the stone type, thickness and amount used for application. We recommend using a water based sealer.

The Difference Between Sealer Brands

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The main difference between stone sealer brands, like at your local stores, is their ability to penetrate into the pores of stone pavers, stone tile, stone veneer, stone brick. Penetrating stone sealers are more expensive than film forming stone sealers because of their increased performance levels on stone surfaces.

Many stone paver manufacturers sell stone sealing products that are specifically designed for their stone pavers.  Natural stone sealer should be applied to the face of your stone surface, stone pavers or stone tile at least once a year unless you are using Seal RX HD or Seal RX Enhance, which both offer a 5-year warranty.

New Stone Installation

New stone surfaces should be sealed prior to installation and stone surfaces that have been recently cleaned, repaired, refinished, or changed in any way should be resealed immediately.

Stone sealers will help prevent stains and make it easier to clean your stone surface by allowing dirt and grime to be wiped away without harming the stone surface.

What Happens If I Apply Too Much Sealer?

If stone sealer is applied to stone pavers and stone tiles too frequently, the stone sealer can fill in the pore spaces which will reduce the stone pores’ ability to breathe, and release trapped moisture underneath your stone pavers or stone tile surfaces. If moisture gets trapped underneath your stone pavers or stone tile, damage from freeze/thaw cycles can be a problem.

Stone Sealer Cost & Budget

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The stone sealant price will vary depending upon stone paver color, stone surface type , stone sealer cost per square foot , stone paver size, stone surface height (stone slab, stone tile), labor costs , stone sealer cost per gallon , stone sealer installation labor, stone sealer application method (spray vs roller), stone sealer additives, stone sealer warranty and stone sealer warranties.

How Much Does It Cost for a Professional Stone Sealing Services?

Stone paver sealing costs from $1.00 to $2.50 per square foot for a penetrating stone protector.

The stone sealer cost per gallon stone sealer average is $40 to $70, although stone sealers can range from stone sealer prices of around $20 to stone sealer that costs over stone sealers $200.

Sealing Tile

Porcelain tile sealing is generally more expensive than natural stone sealing because porcelain tile sealing requires more labor hours to apply the penetrating sealer. 

In an effort to save money on stone sealer, you may consider purchasing stone sealer from a online store or a stone wholesaler.  These companies deal in thousands of square feet of stone and stone products, which can help bring the stone sealer cost down.

How much does natural stone sealer cost?

Stone sealers can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $3 per square foot, depending on the brand and stone sealer features. The actual cost will vary by region, too. The cost of a stone sealer with stone protection and stone enhancers varies from $15 to $50 depending on the finish.

What do stone sealer reviews say?

Natural Stone Sealers are very helpful to protect the stone surfaces from stains, dust, marks etc. Stone cleaners can get rid of all these easily without damaging or scratching the stone. The best stone sealers will protect surfaces from damaging elements like heat, stains, and moisture.

How is stone sealer applied?

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Before applying stone sealers on stone surfaces the surface should be clean and free of any dirt and dust particles. Stone Sealers come in a lot of varieties like matte stone sealer, stone enhancers stone sealer etc. Always read the stone sealer label before applying it on stone surfaces.

Exterior Application and Interior Applications

Natural Stone Sealer can be used for exterior applications such as, driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, basically anywhere there is natural stone. Interior stone application works great on stone countertops, stone bathroom vanities, stone fireplace surrounds and stone walls.

Stone Sealer for Concrete?

Seal RX Enhance and Seal Rx HD, while both sealers for natural stone and tile can be used on concrete and concrete pavers as well.  The Seal Rx Enhance provides a long lasting durable visible color enhancing finish, as they say a while protecting the concrete surface.

The Seal RX HD will not alter the appearance, a natural look will be achieved.  Both sealers are have non-yellowing characteristics and will inhibit UV rays. They provide an invisible barrier and provide superior protection.

Each natural stone sealer is great for granite, quartz, slate, travertine, marble and other natural stone. They will provide a protective invisible barrier, the difference is one provides a wet look and the other will not alter the appearance of the stone, leaving a natural look.

Coverage Rate

The coverage rate depends on the porosity of the stone.  The denser the stone, the less porosity. Marble will have more coverage versus travertine or shellstone.  Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for coverage rates.

Where to Purchase Natural Stone Sealer?

If you are in the market for a quality water based natural stone sealer, we have some great news for you. Not only do we offer an affordable natural stone sealer that is not only non-yellowing, but it does a great job at protecting your investment, plus we also provide easy to follow instructions on how to apply a natural stone sealer. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and be sure to protect your beautiful stones!

Natural Stone sealer is an important part of taking care of your stone surfaces. It helps to protect them from staining and etching, while also enhancing their appearance, creates a shine and makes the stone more durable. The price of stone sealer is a good value when you consider the benefits it provides. Applying stone sealer is easy and can be done by most people. Start protecting your investment in natural stone and order now!

Stone sealer is a necessary step in preserving the natural beauty of your stone surfaces. It’s important to select the right sealer for your needs, and to apply it correctly in order to get the best results.

Our team at The Paver Sealer Store can help you with both of those things. We carry a variety of stone sealers that are designed for different applications, and we have years of experience applying them properly. If you’re ready to protect your investment and keep your stone looking beautiful for years to come, order now or contact us for more information.

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