Finding the Perfect Sprayer for Concrete Sealer


If you’ve recently decided to apply a sealer to concrete, you’ve made a wise decision. Sealed concrete is much easier to maintain and clean. Plus, it lasts longer than concrete that hasn’t been sealed. There’s really no reason not to seal your concrete. But just talking about it isn’t enough. You need to put your money where your mouth is and get the job done!

When getting ready to seal your concrete, the second most important decision you’ll make (after which sealer you’ll use) is how you’ll apply the sealer. You need to find a sprayer for concrete sealer that will get the job done and won’t let you down.

In order to find the perfect sprayer for concrete sealer, there are a handful of features that you should look for. Today, we’re going to go over some of these so you’ll be able to choose your concrete sealer sprayer more wisely.

Customer Reviews


One of the best ways to determine if a sprayer for concrete sealer is any good is by looking at customer reviews online. If you’re buying your sealer and sprayer from the same company, they may be willing to give you an honest review of their product. Usually, they won’t tell you anything bad, but they also probably won’t tell you anything great if their products are sub-par.

The Right Pump

A good concrete sealer sprayer needs to have a pump that is strong enough to move the sealant through the hose and out of the nozzle, but not so powerful that it ends up pushing too much sealant through the nozzle and wastes product.

You should also look for a sprayer that has an adjustable pump so you can adjust the flow rate depending on your environment.

A Good Hose

If your hose is too large, it will take forever to get the job done because the sealant won’t go very far before it gets too thick. On the other hand, if your hose is too small, it will push sealant through the nozzle so fast that you’ll end up with a mess on your hands!

You’ll want to look for one that has decent flexibility and 8-10 feet in length (minimum). If you can buy two different sized hoses, so much the better. That way you can use one when you’re working around other people and pets to keep things clean, then switch to the longer hose for other parts of your property.

Nozzle Options


It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a sprayer for concrete sealer that has a removable nozzle. But, if you can do so, it will make things much easier for when the time comes to clean your sprayer! For best results, look for one that offers at least two types of nozzles.

There are three different types of nozzles: fan, cone and wand. Fan is a wide stream, cone is a narrow stream and wand offers a high-pressure jet of spray.

Cleaning Accessibility

You’ll need to be able to get inside the parts of your concrete sealer sprayer in order to clean it. Some models let you pop off part of the tank while others require that you remove screws or other fastenings. Your best bet is to go for one that will let you remove the sprayer nozzle and spray handle with ease.

Easy Fill or Gravity Feed

You’ll need a sprayer that can be filled quickly and easily, like by gravity feed (without having to turn off your water supply!), so there’s no time lost between spray jobs.

Hose Reel

If you need to spray a lot of sealant on a large area, you’ll want a sprayer that has a hose reel. This will simplify things because it will keep the hose out of your way as you spray, then roll it up again after use.

A Handle With Comfort Cushioning

If you need to spray for an extended period of time, or spray a lot of sealant in one go, you’ll want a sprayer that has comfort cushioning on the handle because this will make your job easier and more comfortable.

Durable Construction

driveway concrete

You don’t want a sprayer that will break down quickly because then you’ll have to buy a new sprayer for concrete sealer and it will end up costing more. Look for one with a metal spray handle and spray nozzle, as well as a metal pump housing. Plastic parts are fine as long as they look sturdy.

Consider Pump Capacity

Pump capacity is the amount of sprayer you can produce per pump, so consider how often you’ll need to spray before buying.

You should buy one with at least 15-20 ounces of sprayer per pump, but for bigger jobs go for something closer to 40-50 ounces per pump!

Consider The Price

You can expect sprayers for concrete sealer to cost at least $100 and up – but you should definitely look for a sprayer that’s less than $125 because sprayers of this quality will often be built to last.

Is It Lightweight?

If you’re going to have to spray for an extended amount of time, you’ll want a sprayer that is lightweight. This sprayer for concrete sealer review has sprayers that are 7-10 pounds.

Searching for a Sprayer for Concrete Sealer, Feature One: Reliable, Quick Application

If there’s one thing you want in a sprayer for concrete sealer, it’s reliable, quick application. One of the worst things that can happen when you start sealing your concrete is for your sprayer to get clogged up. This will leave you wasting time trying to get it cleaned out and back up and running.

This is why it’s vital for you to find a sprayer that isn’t prone to getting stopped up or slowing down. You need a sprayer that you can rely on to give you a consistent, even spray over the long haul. So, when you’re searching for a sprayer to invest in, look at reviews to make sure that it offers a reliable, quick spray.

Searching for a Sprayer for Concrete Sealer, Feature Two: Sustainable Portability

If you end up sealing a large patio or driveway, you’ll have to carry that sprayer around for a fairly lengthy time. So, you should look for a sprayer that offers sustainable portability. It should be light enough – even with sealant in it – that it doesn’t take a two-man team to tote around. It should also be designed with users in mind and should include the kind of straps or handles needed to easily get it from point A to point B.

Searching for a Sprayer for Concrete Sealer, Feature Three: Easy to Clean Up

When you’re preparing to seal a slab of concrete, you likely have your mind on things like, “What material do I need?”, “How do I get the best finish possible?”, and other similar questions. The last thing on your mind is, “How easy will this be to clean up when I’m done?” But after you’ve finished applying your sealant, that will be the only question that matters. And if you’re struggling to get your sprayer clean, you’ll wish you would’ve thought a little more deeply about it than you did. So, it’s important to read reviews with an eye toward ‘ease of cleaning.’

If you can find a sprayer for concrete sealer that hits all of these high points, you’ll know you have a real winner!

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