4 Amazing Small Backyard Patio Ideas


So, your backyard isn’t what you’d call “big.” Maybe it’s downright tiny. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a well-built, inviting patio. Even if you only have a few dozen square feet, you can create a patio that’s beautiful and meets your needs. It may just require a little more creativity to come up with a small backyard patio idea that’s right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of small backyard patio ideas to get your creative juices flowing. So, quit making excuses for why you can’t have the patio of your dreams. It’s time to think outside of the backyard box…

Small Backyard Patio Idea #1: Keep it Open

If your patio space is limited, you may want to make the most of the space you do have by simply creating an open patio. In other words, don’t worry about walls, built-in fire pits, or any of the other ‘extras’ common to modern patios. A simple, square paver patio will do just fine. And once it’s complete, you can see exactly how much area is available, allowing you to add the movable chairs, mini fire pits, tables, plants, etc. that fit your space perfectly.

Small Backyard Patio Idea #2: Add a Garden Wall

When your space is limited, you might feel like you can’t have a patio and greenery. But you don’t have to settle for one or the other. A vertical garden wall gives you the opportunity to add color to your outdoor patio without taking up much space at all. And you can go beyond ivy and other climbing plants with the help of a living wall that you can use to plant flowers, ferns, and other colorful foliage right on the fences and walls surrounding your backyard.

Small Backyard Patio Idea #3: Enjoy the Sounds of Running Water

Just imagine relaxing on a comfortable lawn chair, closing your eyes, feeling the sun warming your skin, and listening to the sound of a nearby stream. There’s something primally pleasurable about the sound of running water. And though you may think that your small backyard precludes you from enjoying a fountain or pond, it doesn’t. There are options available for everyone. In fact, Target offers a rustic, barrel fountain that’s less than two feet wide. And there’s a good chance that even if your backyard is small, it can spare a couple of square feet for a beautiful, relaxing, and easy-to-set-up fountain.

Small Backyard Patio Idea #4: Light It Up

When designing your small backyard patio, a little bit of light can go a long way. And you can find fixtures that fit every style, from old-fashioned lanterns to large bulb string lights. These light sources won’t just offer a way to see at night, they’re decorations in their own right. Or… for those cold nights, you may want to consider a small fire pit. After all, a fire pit doesn’t have to offer enough space to start a bonfire. You can have a comfy and friendly firepit that’s barely more than a couple of feet in diameter.

Having a small backyard doesn’t have to mean having an uninteresting one. If you’ll consider a few of these creative, small backyard patio ideas, you should be able to come up with a space that’s beautiful, efficient, and perfect for friendly get-togethers.

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