Water Based Paver Sealer or Solvent: Which Should I Use?


What is a paver sealer? Solvent based concrete or paver sealers can emit relatively harmful, overpowering levels of noxious-smelling fumes. Anyone would agree that water based paver sealers like those from the Inseco line of products are a relief to work with in that regard. These water based concrete and paver sealers come from what was the next step in the evolution in paver sealers, as opposed to older, solvent based formulas.

Water based paver sealers are products of research and development in an age where things that harm the environment are a losing investment. It made sense for the leaders of the industry to switch to water instead of solvents that could eat the paint off something or catch fire.

They were getting rid of some annoying, nasty chemicals and then a really funny thing happened along the way. With the further research came a better-working product, in the end. You’re buying a more developed technology with a water based paver sealer, that’s yet to be defeated in buyer satisfaction, short or long-term.

Water Based Paver Sealers Work Better

Fortunately, when it comes to sealing pavers, water based paver sealers actually work better than solvent based ones. A water based wet look paver sealer can provide better color enhancement than a solvent based one. With some types of preservatives or protectants in some industries, the more modern, eco-friendly alternatives aren’t always the best products at actually doing their job of protecting. Learn about SealThane Paver Sealer.

Today’s exterior-grade lumber can seem to fall apart outside like untreated wood, but when dealing with water based concrete and paver sealers it’s different. Water based is a win-win. A water based paver sealer is likely to outperform a solvent based option whether it’s performance-wise, with a better finished look, or both. In addition, it comes with water having replaced the wicked distillates.


The water isn’t just water, either. It’s a blend of water and emulsifiers that help the water to be absorbed into concrete or pavers. As water penetrates, it forms a protective barrier the helps inhibit discoloration of the pavers as well as penetrating into the pores of the substrate to help resist staining. The water based concrete or paver sealer starts to create a bond with the substrate that’s necessary to seal, water-proof and protect pavers.

And as the water evaporates into the air it leaves behind a water based paver sealer coating that’s water resistant, which is what you want. It has a water-proofing effect on pavers because it penetrates the surface and goes down into the pores, and then sits on top to form a protective barrier leaving water-resistant protection, stain resistance, and beautiful aesthetics.

Water based concrete or water based paver sealers are the best choice for sealing pavers, whether it’s concrete or paver, and by water based we don’t mean water that’s just water.

There is a solvent-based option in water based paver sealers, but water-based is the way to go. They are more user-friendly and they outperform solvent base water-based water-proofing. If you want the best choice in water based paver sealers, follow this link.

Solvent Based? Gee Thanks.


If you invest in a sprayer, by default an electric sprayer like a paver sealer sprayer system will likely be constructed for use with water based fluids, not oil or solvent based (it will say so in the manual if not the sales page).

Sprayers actually meant for sealing pavers are seldom purchased, these days, as models rigged for oil or solvent based products are very expensive. The vast majority of paver sealer sprayers sold are equipped for water based formulas only. This is because most heavy-duty sprayers are bought by experienced, knowledgeable people who know what results they’re looking for. 

Water Based Paver Sealers Work Better

Technically water is a solvent, but when suppliers refer to solvents based sealers, they are referring to ones with some pretty wicked distillates and fluids like jet fuel or potent surface strippers known as VOC’s.

Fortunately new technology water based paver sealer work better than the old school water-based options from years ago where water based paver sealers had to be squeegeed into the joints to provide joint stabilization and did not provide enhancement.

Water based paver sealer is likely to outperform a solvent base water-based water-proofing option whether it’s performance wise with a better finished look, or both. In addition, it comes with water having replaced the wicked distillates that are in the more modern options.

You Can Have it All with Water Based Paver Sealers


Water-based paver sealers are much better than solvent based paver sealants. This water-proofing sealer leaves a surface that will not let in water. The user friendly aspect makes this good for anyone to use a water based paver sealer and the quality of the product is better than other types of sealers.

Water Based Paver Sealers Are :

1) Less Harmful or Dangerous

2) Easier to Work with and Clean Up

3) Ever-Increasingly Popular over Solvent Based

4) Protect Better in the Long Run

Buyers can be confident in their water based sealers for concrete and pavers no matter which finished appearance they prefer, from a “Natural Look” sealer to a “Wet Look”. This freedom of choice, the confidence that no major compromises are being made by choosing a particular finish, is just one more way that the water based paver sealers win as the quintessential, informed choice for homeowners and professionals, alike.

Our water based sealers for concrete and pavers offer a range of finishes to meet the needs of every homeowner. Explore our Paver Sealer Store products or give us a call at 813-308-9202 (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST).

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