Should I Seal Pavers?: Answers to Your Paver Questions


Should I seal pavers? Pavers are some of the very best material to use for creating an outdoor patio, walkway, or driveway. They are incredibly versatile, coming in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This advantage allows you to design a space that is tailored for you and your style. But that’s not the only benefit of pavers. They’re fairly simple to install, and easy to clean and maintain. And if you’ll keep up with that maintenance, pavers are so durable that they will last a lifetime.

With that said, there are people who wonder about the necessity of sealing their patio pavers. They wonder, “Should I seal pavers? Is it just another way for companies to make money?” Or “How to Seal Pavers“?

Should I seal pavers?


While pavers can last for decades in great condition, they can only do so if they are properly maintained and protected. Without the right paver maintenance, pavers will deteriorate over time like anything else. As a result, sealing your pavers is an absolute necessity. Here are a few reasons why…

Protection against the elements. If your pavers are located outside, they’ll be exposed to a number of potentially damaging agents, including the sun, rain, snow, and more. However, if your pavers are sealed, you can keep all these things from doing permanent damage to your pavers.

Protection against contaminants. Pavers are often used in areas where contaminants like oil, grease, food, and more can be found. And since pavers are porous, any of those things can easily seep down into your pavers, staining them and leaving them unattractive. Fortunately, if your pavers are sealed, they will be protected against stains like this.


Protection against movement. After you’ve got your paver space designed and installed, you’ll want to ensure that each piece remains exactly where it belongs. This is one of the benefits of sealing your pavers that you may never have considered. In addition to protecting your pavers against stains, a well-done sealing job will keep your pavers in place and protect them from unwanted shifts, buckling, and other movement.

Protection against weeds. Many people believe that weeds appear in paver spaces by growing up in-between the paver joints. But the reality is that seeds fall down into the paver joint sand from above, take root, and begin to grow. However, if your pavers are sealed, you won’t have to worry about this because the sealant will keep seeds from taking root in your joint sand. This will minimize the number of weeds and other unwanted vegetation growth that you have on your patio or walkway.


Protection from fading. If your pavers are in direct sunlight, they can fade due to the UV rays. But if you seal them, you’ll mitigate the amount of degradation that the sun causes, guaranteeing they remain as vibrant as the day you laid them for years.

Enhances the look of your pavers. Along with protecting your pavers, sealing them will enhance their look. You can find paver sealer that offer a glossy, wet-look or one that simply brings out the natural colors of your pavers without drastically changing their appearance. Either way, sealing your pavers is a great way to ensure that your paver area always looks its very best.

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