SealThane – 5 Gallon



SealThane provides color enhancement, long lasting gloss and UV protection to resist degradation of color in the substrate, is mold and algae resistant and inhibits both weed growth AND ant mines by locking the sand into the joints providing superior joint stabilization. This unique formula is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and is available in all 50 states.

  • 2 Part Urethane
  • Color Enhancing Sealer
  • High Gloss Wet Look Finish
  • May be applied to damp surfaces
  • Binds Joint Sand
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Hot Tire Marking Resistant
  • 200-400 Square Feet of Coverage per Gallon (2 coats)*
  • Available in 2 1/2 gallon kits as well.

*Dependent on the porosity of the substrate and the width of the sand joint


SealThane – 5 Gallon


SealThane Paver Sealer

SealThane is a heavy-duty, joint stabilizing, high gloss, deep color enhancing two component urethane for brick , stamped and decorative surfaces and is used as a top coat for epoxy flooring. SealThane provides ultimate protection against foot traffic and vehicular traffic alike while inhibiting mold and algae growth. SealThane is a unique formula that binds the joint between brick pavers inhibiting weed growth, ant mines, and joint sand loss. SealThane also protects decorative vinyl flakes on epoxy floors with its non-yellowing properties and is used for outdoor epoxy coatings to inhibit color fading. SealThane may be applied to damp surfaces which allows for same day and  

  • For use on Concrete Surfaces including Brick Pavers, Driveways, Garage Floors, Walkways, Patios, Slate, Saltillo Tile and Clay Roof Tile.  Also may be used as a non-yellowing, clear sealer to protect decorative vinyl flakes on concrete floors.


  • Dirt, grease, grime and any foreign material must be removed before application of new coating.  Treat surface for mildew.  Oil and grease should be scrubbed with a solution of OxiClean and water or alternate degreaser.  Contact a Store representative for detailed surface preparation specifications.


  • Combine Part A & Part B and mix thoroughly with gentle agitation for 2-3 minutes.  Do not whip air into the material.  SEALTHANE  has a 2-3 hour pot life once Part A & Part B are combined, therefore, do not mix more than you can apply in that time frame.  Apply with brush, roller, airless sprayer or garden sprayer.  When spraying, use a tip designed for gloss coatings.  Apply when surface and air temperatures are above 50 Deg. F.  Do not apply if the threat of rain exists or if moisture or dew may condense on the surface prior to SEALTHANE curing.  Cover and protect all vegetation and surrounding areas not being sealed.  Do not over apply, soak the substrate or allow product to puddle.  Two thin coats are recommended for best performance.  A second coat may be applied when the first coat is dry to the touch.  Do not apply additional coats 36 hours after the first coat was applied.
  • Gloss is determined by the mix ratio you select.  Less water will yield a higher gloss.  Note, SEALTHANE must be reduced with water – DO NOT APPLY UNDILUTED.  Select a mix ratio for the desired result.


  • Mix Part A, Part B and water
  • For Maximum Performance:  
  • 4 Parts A 
  • 1 Part B
  • 2 Parts Water
  • Maximum Reduction Ratio:
  • 4 Parts A
  • 1 Part B
  • 5 Parts Water
  • Two coats are recommended – flood coat and a a top coat (Additional coats may be required to achieve the desired finish)
  • Flood coat dilution is 3 parts water to 1 part concentrated sealer 
  • Top coat dilution is 2 parts water to 1 part concentrated sealer 

SealThane is a heavy-duty, 2 part color enhancing sealer that provides ultimate protection and long-lasting gloss to resist foot traffic and vehicle traffic alike. With such amazing qualities, you'll never want to go without using this product again! SealThane may be applied to damp surfaces which allows for same day cleaning and sealing.

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Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 in


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