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Enhancing and protecting hardscapes properly is not just about having long-lasting and easy to apply materials. It's also about ensuring the material you use perfectly suits the specific job you're trying to tackle. At Seal ‘n Lock, we have developed an array of paver sealers that provide joint stabilization, protection against the elements, and the desired level of enhancement.

Take a look at our various options, all of which are environmentally friendly, highly durable, and can be easily applied in just one day:


Our Super Wet Look Sealer is a two-component urethane and provides the greatest enhancement. The high solid composition of the Super Wet Look kit provides superior joint stabilization, negates the need for traditional polymeric sand, and produces a “wet” look.


Our Ultra Wet Look sealing system is a high solid, low VOC water-based modified acrylic urethane that produces a wet look enhancement. Learn more about this advanced nanotechnology driven, environmentally safe Sealer now.


Our Natural Luster sealer provides long-lasting protection. Learn more about how the Natural Luster sealant can help prevent fading and provide a natural-looking sheen for your hardscape project.

Paver Seal Rx is a high-performance, water paver based that provides protection, deep color enhancement, joint stabilization and durability for concrete pavers. The penetrating technology of the product seals up the pores in porous materials such as concrete to build a clear coating around it providing stain resistance. With Paver Seal Rx paver sealant protecting the pavers, they will shine longer and resist damage from foot traffic or vehicular traffic better than ever before! In addition to these benefits, Paver Seal Rx also protects against mildew growth and degradation from UV rays which may discolor otherwise beautiful surfaces. To know more about this incredible sealant with many properties call us at 813-308-9202 today!

Smooth, wet surfaces are dominated by water molecules that attach themselves to the surface of the material with hydrophilic properties. Paver Seal Rx is a powerful sealer with hydrophobic properties which provides protective coating for porous materials like concrete pavers. With this deep penetrating technology, it does two important things: first seals up the pores in your paver's surface (providing protection) and second-coats them to provide long lasting color enhancement.

Not only will you be left with beautifully preserved pavers, but ones that will withstand foot traffic and vehicular traffic on them better than ever before! Say goodbye to dirt covered surfaces and welcome fresher looking pavers. This environmentally safe compound helps preserve against mildew growth as well as deterioration from uv rays and includes 3 year warranty!


For properly prepared concrete and brick pavers, slate, Saltillo tiles and clay roof tiles.


Dirt, grease, grime and any foreign material must be removed before application of new coating. Treat surface
for mildew. Oil and grease should be scrubbed with a solution of TSP and water.

Contact a Paver Sealer Store representative at 619-658-5241 representative for detailed surface preparation specifications.

Do not apply to painted surfaces.


Mix product thoroughly and apply with brush, roller or airless sprayer. When spraying, use a tip designed for
gloss coatings. Apply when surface and air temperatures are above 50 Deg. F. Do not apply if the threat of rain
exists or if there is any puddling of water on the surface prior to Paver Seal RX curing. Cover and protect all
vegetation and surrounding areas not being sealed. Do not over apply, soak the substrate or allow product to
puddle. Two thin coats are recommended for best performance.


Paver Seal RX does not require thinning and should be used as is, directly from the container.