Semi Transparent Color Additives, Dyes, Stains and Tints

  • Concentrated and UV stable
  • Semi-transparent or translucent concrete stain
  • Works with all water-based sealers
  • Easily mix custom colors
  • Available in red, brown, black, white, and yellow
  • Ideal for interior or exterior concrete surfaces
  • Low VOC water-based formulation


Semi Transparent Color Additives, Dyes, Stains and Tints


and translucent tints are a great way to restore color back to faded pavers, tint and stain concrete. They are safe non toxic, colorfast, and can be blended together to make custom colors.

The intensity of the color will vary by the amount of tint added.  Add a 1/2 oz of pigment to achieve a more translucent finish, or add up to 1oz per 5 gallons of diluted water based sealer for more of a staining effect.

The amount of color needed will vary depending on the product used and color desired. For lighter colors, it may take more tint, and darker colors may take less tint, depending on the application.

Do not add too much tint as it can cause color float or streaking, especially on darker colors.  Lighter colors may require more tint.

Solvent based color additives and dyes are available. Please contact us for availability.

Additional information

Package Size

4oz, 16oz, 32oz

Tint Color

White, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown