The Value of Using Sealer for Travertine Tile: 8 Reasons Why


Travertine tile is a beautiful, natural stone that’s often found in limestone caves and near hot springs. Its advantages have made it a popular choice for swimming pool areas, kitchen back splashes, bathrooms, and more. But before you lay a wall of tile, there are some things that you need to know – about its benefits and about the use of sealer for travertine tile.

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The Benefits of Travertine Tile


Travertine tile offers numerous benefits, including…

It’s easy to repair. One of the best things about using tile and pavers for your construction project is the ease of repairing it. Unlike concrete (or similar material), tile can be replaced one piece at a time. So, if something disastrous happens to a portion of your tile area, you don’t have to replace the entire thing. This makes repairing it far easier and less expensive than other materials.

It’s tough. Since travertine tile is created by material being compressed and under stress for years, it’s a very strong material. In fact, some studies have shown that it’s twice (or more) as strong as concrete. This makes it an ideal choice for any area where durability is a necessity.

It stays cool – even in sunlight. If you’re looking for a tile to install by a pool, travertine tile is ideal because it lacks much of the metal found in other materials. This allows it to stay cool, even in direct sunlight.

It’s slip-resistant. In addition to the above, travertine tile is known for being non-slip. This is one of the other reasons that it is the perfect material for outdoor pool areas.

The Value of Using Sealer for Travertine Tile


Travertine tile is highly porous. This means that it is susceptible to stains from dirt, food, grease, and other contaminants. The only way to guard against a whole host of contaminants and damage is to apply a healthy coat of sealer for travertine to your tiles.

By finding and using an effective sealer for travertine, you’ll be protecting against…

Stains. One of the most common kinds of damage to tile or pavers is staining. Since travertine tile is so porous, all it takes is a little bit of food, grease, or other liquid to leave your tiles looking dingy and dirty. Fortunately, sealer for travertine can ensure that contaminants are never able to penetrate the surface of your tile.

Acid. Many common household products contain mild acids, including soda, vinegar, and more. Even these mild acids can react with your travertine tile, breaking them down and permanently damaging them. However, if you seal your tile, you’ll protect it against the dangers of even the mildest acids.

Efflorescence. If your tile is located near water, there’s a good chance that it could be affected by the water source’s salt content. This can lead to efflorescence as well as spalling. However, both of these can be mitigated with the use of an effective sealer for travertine tile.


Others. In addition to the above, sealer will also protect your tile from freeze spalling, weeds, mildew, and more.

If you want your tile to look it’s very best over the course of his lifetime, you need to apply a sealer designed for travertine tile. It’s the only way to protect against stains, acid, and every other potential danger.

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