Looking for some new and exciting products to add to your inventory? Look no further! Our featured products section is packed with the latest and greatest items that we have in stock. Whether you’re looking for paver sealer , concrete sealer, or a paint stripper, or you need some ideas, our featured products are sure to inspire you. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our selection and see what catches your eye!

We have a whole range of products to get you inspired and motivated for your next project.

Paver sealer

Paver sealer is a product that helps to protect pavers from the elements. It can be used over existing pavers or on new ones during installation so that they will stay looking great for years. Paver sealer is a highly effective solution for ensuring that your paver surfaces remain in top shape. With this product, you’ll get protection from dirt, debris, and water damage while also preventing cracks in your surface.

Concrete sealer

Concrete sealer is a product used to protect concrete surfaces. It helps to prevent stains and discoloration, as well as mold and mildew growth. Concrete sealer can be used on floors, walls, patios and other areas where concrete is present. If you’re thinking about using this product for yourself or your business property, it’s important to know what it does so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it would benefit your space.

Paint stripper

Our nontoxic Paint Stripper is the perfect choice for paint stripping furniture and doors. It is free from harsh solvents and chemicals, leaving your hands and lungs safe from harmful irritants.

Stone Sealer

Stone sealer is a water-based, thin-film coating that is applied to the surface of stone. The purpose of stone sealer is to improve the aesthetics and durability of natural materials such as granite, marble and limestone. In addition to improving the appearance of stone surfaces, it also protects them from weathering damage such as staining or discoloration caused by exposure to moisture and atmospheric pollutants.

Wood Sealer

If you are looking for a wood sealer, then you have come to the right place. Our wood sealer is an excellent product that will protect your wood from weather and other elements as well as extend its lifespan. The best part of our products is that they can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This means that if you want to apply your sealant on furniture or any other object made out of wood, then this is definitely something worth considering!

If you want to learn more about our Wood Sealer product line, then please contact us today! We would love to hear from you.

We have a whole range of products to get you inspired and motivated.

We have a whole range of products to get you inspired and motivated. You can buy individual products or choose from one of our pre-packaged kits. Our products are designed not only to help you lose weight, but also make sure that you’re eating well and getting the right nutrition for your body. We offer everything from diet books to meal plans and even healthy snacks that are delicious, convenient and easy to take with you on the go!


So, now you know what paver sealer is. This is a great product for anyone who needs to keep their pavers looking good for years to come. You can use it on your patio or even in your garden if you’re worried about moisture damaging the wood and making it rot. As long as you keep an eye on it from time to time, this product will work wonders on any type of hard surface material!

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  • Paver Seal RX – 5 GallonPaver Seal RX – 5 Gallon Quick View
    • Paver Seal RX – 5 GallonPaver Seal RX – 5 Gallon Quick View
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    • Paver Seal RX – 5 Gallon

    • $247.00
    • Paver Seal Rx is a high-performance, water paver based paver sealer that provides protection, deep color enhancement, joint stabilization and durability for concrete pavers. The penetrating technology of the product seals up the pores in porous materials such as concrete to build a clear coating around it providing stain resistance. With Paver Seal Rx paver sealant protecting the pavers they…
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  • Seal RX EnhanceSeal RX Enhance Quick View
    • Sale!
      Seal RX EnhanceSeal RX Enhance Quick View
    • ,
    • Seal RX Enhance

    • $147.00
    • Looking to enhance the natural beauty of your stone? Look no further than Seal RX Enhance! This color enhancing stone sealer will help bring out the best in your stone, making it look richer and more vibrant. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile option for any project. So why wait? Give your stone the…
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  • SealThane – 5 GallonSealThane – 5 Gallon Quick View
    • SealThane – 5 GallonSealThane – 5 Gallon Quick View
    • , ,
    • SealThane – 5 Gallon

    • $307.50
    • SealThane is a heavy-duty, 2 part color enhancing paver sealer for brick pavers and concrete surfaces. It provides ultimate protection and long-lasting gloss to resist foot traffic and vehicle traffic alike. Sealthane's unique formula binds joint sand in-between the brick pavers inhibiting weed growth and ant mines from joint sand loss! SealThane also protects decorative vinyl flakes on concrete floors…
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  • WOOD Rx Clear Water Repellent in 2 Gallon Pump Sprayer with Fan Tip Quick View