What is the Best Natural Look Paver Sealer?


You’ll want to select a natural look paver sealer if a paver job calls for more subtle-looking protection than a glossy-looking sealer provides as a finished look. Products are available right at the same big box store where you might buy pavers and cement, but is a one-stop shop the place to pick up a natural look paver sealer? Paying a little more from a specialty paver sealer source will go a much longer way in delivering what you want.

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Locking in Sanded Joints

Paver sealer professionals who rely on referrals and return business say time and time again, of one particular product:

Seal RX provides a natural look and great protection with the ability to lock sand joints, look no further.

Locking in those sanded joints (and observing minimal erosion over time) is how people have confidence the product is penetrating, coating, and sealing the surface all the way down to the paver base like a wet look product will. You want initial sand hardening as well as endurance, and one natural look paver sealer pays off.

Pros Who Avoid Natural Look Paver Sealers Trust This One

Why would any professional installer avoid paver sealers that promise a natural look? There used to be a greater difference between how the natural look paver sealers and the wetter look ones would do their job of sealing. Some wetter look products can have leave a higher content of solids that seal surfaces and bind or lock together joint sand and materials.

Today, this difference in protection is not as great as it was in some modern, more thoroughly-developed products. When a customer specifically desires a satin finish or a more subtle, clean but natural looking luster to the finished product, countless pros trust one particular natural look paver sealer product, and that’s Seal RX HD concrete, paver, and natural stone sealer.

Today’s Wet is the New Natural

One last, important consideration – if you’re new to water based paver sealers, you should know one thing. Some products people were using, in the past, had an even wetter look than today’s standard. It used to be more common for pool side patios to boast a super-shiny, gloss look.

For various reasons, perhaps including slipperiness of a hard finish when wet with water, tastes have changed. Today’s more highly-specialized sealers for pavers and concrete do have a bit more of an inherently matte or satin appearance to the finished product than they used to.

If you’ve never seen what a water based, wet look paver sealer looks like, even such as the enormously popular industry favorite “SealThane” or Paver Seal RX by Inseco Coatings and Sealants, you might want to gauge just how glossy the product(s) actually appear or don’t appear, by seeing it in person. If no examples are available to see in your area, you may want to ask about purchasing small samples and seeing for yourself, first, before deciding for a large project based solely on the name of the product. This way you can see first-hand what the end result will look like, and how well it bonds.

Inseco also stands behind its products with unprecedented and unparalleled customer service. You can directly contact a professional, right here in the USA, who has been working with it for years, knows all the tips and tricks, and has refined techniques of applying the product.

That kind of product support is getting rare. To order Inseco Coatings and Sealants click here.

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