Making Concrete Pavers in 7 Steps: A Simple Guide


Ever wonder about making concrete pavers?

Learning to make your own pavers is both rewarding and convenient. One of the main reasons that people choose to make pavers is because they want to customize them for a very specific task. Although you may not be able to create the intricate designs you’ll find at many hardware stores, you will be able to create the right shape and size paver that you need.

So, we’ve put together this brief guide to teach you how you can make your own concrete pavers at home. 

Step 1: Find a Mold

You can choose to make a mold depending on the shape of the pavers you want. Since they’re made from concrete, pavers can be made in any shape you want. If you don’t have time to make the mold, you can use something strong that’s in the shape you need such as a small box or crate. You can even purchase molds that are designed in various sizes and shapes.

Step 2: Make the concrete Mix

Next, you’ll need to make a concrete mix with sand, mortar, and water. To create the right consistency, make sure it’s mixed well. Take your time with this step, because this will largely determine the end result.

Step 3: Use non-cooking spray to spray the mold

As you can imagine, concrete tends to get stuck places. This is why you should spray the mold with non-stick cooking spray. Any non-stick spray should work.

Step 4: Pour the concrete in the mold

The next step is to pour the mix of concrete, mortar, and water into the mold. It’s always recommended to start by pouring at the middle of the mold and spread it to other parts as you go.

Step 5: Remove any excess water on the concrete

As the concrete dries, you are likely to notice that water will start to accumulate on the surface. It’s recommended to use a soft material such as a paper towel or a soft towel to dry the water off.

Step 6: Leave the paver on the mold for about two days

For the best possible effect, it’s a good idea to leave the paver in the mold for around 48 hours. To remove the paver, you just need to turn it over and tap it out. After this, you can remove it from the mold and store it. Make sure they are placed in a safe place where they won’t be susceptible to accidents. 

Step 7: Moisten and cover the paver

Before using the pavers, allow them to cure for another two weeks. You should remember to moisten them from time to time with water and eventually cover the top with waterproof paper.

Making concrete Pavers: Extras

Depending on your preferences, you may choose to place some decorations or designs on the top of the concrete before it dries. This is the best way to showcase your personality and make your pavers uniquely you. You may want to use anything from marbles or handprints to your initials – or something else entirely. It’s completely up to you!

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