3 Landscape Ideas for Backyards


When you have guests over, you want to be proud of your entire home – inside and out. That’s the reason you go to so much trouble decorating and cleaning the inside of your home, and refining your front lawn. After all, those are spaces that people can easily see.

Our backyards, on the other hand, can get left behind. It’s easy to get so caught up in getting those more visible areas in tip-top shape that we simply neglect the more hidden part of our home. Fortunately, we’ve got three landscape ideas for backyards that will help you transform your boring backyard into a more fitting part of your home. After all, your backyard deserves to have just as much personality as every other part!

The Outdoor Living Room

With a little bit of creativity and a decent budget, you can transform your backyard into a genuine outdoor living room. This is a great landscape idea for your backyard since it makes use of an oft-neglected part of your home. It also gets your family outside to enjoy the sunshine and benefits of being in nature.

You can create an outdoor living room by adding a simple wooden deck or a stone patio. Use stone edging along the grassy portion of your yard (you can even build it up so that it can double as an extended bench!). Then, place a few comfortable, weather-proof chairs around the patio and throw in an outdoor game or two (like horseshoes or giant Jenga). Before long, you’ll be spending more time outside than in!

The Backyard Garden

If you love greenery and colorful flowers, you can transform your backyard into a relaxing garden space. You may want to consider creating a paver patio that features walkways throughout your backyard. Then, you can plant your flowers or bushes along the walkway. Place a bench or two along the path or on the patio and you’ll have the feel of an arboretum, right at home.

If you’d prefer a backyard landscape idea that’s beautiful and practical, you may want to take the same approach as above only replacing the flowers and bushes with fruits and vegetables. You can create attractive raised beds using stonework or wood and fill them with vegetables of every variety. Include some fruit bushes and trees alongside your raised beds, and you’ll end up with an attractive – and delicious – backyard landscape idea.

The Relaxing Backyard

If the above options seem a little too cluttered to you, you may want to think about creating a more simple and relaxing space. Install a simple concrete or brick patio, a couple of flower beds, and a minimalist fountain. Putting a few chairs or a bench on the patio will give you everything you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your patio will offer a place to sit, your flowers will give you something beautiful to look at, and the fountain will provide a little natural white noise.

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