How Long Does Paver Sealer Last? A Simple Guide


Sealing your pavers is an absolute necessity. This is true whether your pavers are by your outdoor pool or in a bathroom, entryway, or kitchen. Every environment comes with potential dangers and sources of damage, whether that be oil and grease or the potential for efflorescence. As a result, you should invest in a quality sealer that protects your pavers over the long run. But, you may be wondering how long is that long run? How long does paver sealer last?

Before we dig too deeply into the question of how long paver sealer lasts, let’s first review why paver sealer is such a necessity.

Why Use Paver Sealer?

Paver sealer will protect your pavers from a variety of dangers, including the elements, water damage, oil, dirt, mildew, and more. In addition, paver sealer can keep your pavers free from unwanted plant growth, and prevent insects from making their home in your living space.

Is Applying Paver Sealer Difficult?

No, applying paver sealer isn’t difficult at all. With a little bit of training, just about anyone can do it. But if you’re not interested in putting in the work, there are dozens of businesses out there that specialize in installing and sealing pavers.

Applying paver sealer is as simple as…

  1. Completely cleaning your pavers so that they are free of dirt, weeds, and any other impurities.
  2. Allowing your pavers to completely dry so that no moisture gets trapped underneath the sealer.
  3. Sanding your pavers’ joints so they’re protected from shifting and other movement.
  4. Spraying your paver sealer on with a normal, garden sprayer.
  5. Allowing your pavers to cure for at least 24 hours.

All in all, sealing your pavers will take two days at the most.

How Long Does Paver Sealer Last?

After going to the trouble of sealing your pavers, you may wonder how long your sealer will last. After the initial application, your sealer should last between one and two years. However, if you regularly seal it (and don’t unnecessarily abuse it), your paver area’s sealer protection will begin to increase in length.

Ultimately, you can expect to enjoy between three and five years of protection from a high-quality sealer. With that said, a big part of answering the question, “How long does paver sealer last?” will depend on environmental factors such as weather and foot traffic. If you have two or three really bad winters and fill up your summer calendar with outdoor parties, you’ll likely have to seal your patio sooner than if you barely use it and experience mild weather.

When Do I Need to Reseal My Pavers?

If numerous weeds have taken up residence in the joints between your pavers, there’s a good chance that you may need to reseal. In addition, if you’ve noticed your pavers shifting or buckling, it may be a good time to consider resealing. In addition, you may want to check to see if water is immediately absorbed into your pavers or tends to bead on top. The more quickly water is absorbed, the more likely you’ll need to reseal your pavers as soon as possible. With this said, it’s good to get in the habit of resealing every three to five years. Beyond five years, your sealant will begin to lose all effectiveness.

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