4 Great Concrete Stamped Patio Ideas


The thought of a concrete driveway, patio, or walkway likely doesn’t inspire a great deal of excitement. After all, when most people think of concrete, they think of those plain, gray slabs – often dappled with oil and grease stains. They aren’t exactly symbols of luxury or extravagance. And yet, when done well, a stamped concrete patio can rival some of the most beautiful paver or natural stone patios out there.

In recent years, stamped concrete has become a popular choice for its low cost and high-end look. It offers all the benefits of concrete – strength, ease of installation, and protection against unwanted greenery – without the drawback of looking drab.

If you’ve been thinking about creating an outdoor patio and haven’t yet considered stamped concrete, perhaps today is the day to do so. Here are a handful of concrete stamped patio ideas for you to think about as you decide whether stamped concrete may be right for you.

1. Is that Concrete… or Wood?

One of the coolest things about stamped concrete is its ability to mimic nearly any material on earth. And with the right stain and finish, you can complete the look to the point where people will have to do a double take. And this isn’t just true of hard materials like stone or marble. You can create a poured concrete space that looks identical to natural wood. Not only can you get the texture that includes that natural wood grain, you can stain it in such a way that from a distance someone would swear you have a wooden deck. Perhaps the best thing about this is that concrete is infinitely more durable and long-lasting than wood. You won’t have to worry about your patio rotting or snapping under pressure. That’s the power of a concrete stamped patio.

2. Bring Your Patio Back to the Old World with Cobblestone

Few outdoor looks are more iconic than cobblestone. Fortunately, you can get the look without having to spend an arm and a leg. Stamped concrete offers you the ability to create a cobblestone-like patio or walkway with nothing more than a bag of concrete and a few tools. And by dyeing and finishing your concrete, you can create a look that would fool anyone.

3. The Cheapest Flagstone You’ll Ever Find

Some of the most expensive patio materials are natural stones like flagstone. But you don’t have to pay full price for a beautiful, natural stone patio. By finding an expert in concrete stamping, you can get a design that appears to be assorted, random flagstone. It’s beautiful, affordable, and very easy to maintain. You simply can’t go wrong.

4. Getting a Slate Tile Look

Like Flagstone, slate is not known for its affordability. But with stamped concrete, you can get that slate tile look without breaking the bank. And by making effective use of colorful stains, you can end up with a patio that catches every visitor’s eye (and since all those colors will effectively hide any stains, you can be sure that their eyes won’t be wandering onto any flaws).

It’s time to realize that you can have a luxurious and extravagant patio without having to spend a luxurious or extravagant price. Stamped concrete offers you the aesthetic beauty of material like wood, cobblestone, flagstone, and slate, without the drawbacks.

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