Clear Concrete Sealer: A Sealer That Leaves a Clear Coat


You may be wondering about the best way to finish your concrete floor, like putting down a clear concrete sealer. There are dozens of options, and you might think that they all have their benefits in different ways – but if natural beauty is what matters most then don’t worry!

With some sealer color choices like grey or white (which will make it easy for us) we can apply our own clear concrete sealer with ease so there won’t ever need another layer again–and no more worries when visitors walk on them because their shoes won’t leave marks behind as well !!!

There are many types of sealers for concrete, but the best kind is clear. This will leave your surface looking as-is or slightly enhanced and it won’t drastically change its appearance like other film forming sealers might do.

One option that’s even better than typical spray-on products? Penetrating concrete sealers! They’re less likely to leave behind an ugly residue on top so you can enjoy a low key look in exchange for something more durable beneath – giving yourself peace of mind because worry about rain damage has no business ruining anything else important too and they’re easy to apply with a simple pump sprayer!

Some clear concrete sealers leave a film on the surface that is usually visible. For an easy-to-remove, clear concrete sealer or natural untouched look for your outdoor space consider using penetrating sealer instead!

Some people might not like how some of these sealers for concrete change their original look and feel or simply want to avoid having anything coating or sitting atop what they already have so if this sounds like something you would be interested in then take note because there are several options out there just waiting behind those curtains ready for someone who wants them too.


Rather than leaving a coat of protection on the surface, like acrylic or epoxy sealants, penetrating sealers react chemically with your concrete. Generally these include materials such as silane (a gas), which move into pores to make it resistant against absorption by water and other chemicals; they won’t leave an unwanted film behind either so you can see if one has been applied when pouring some out for testing purposes before applying more coats depending upon desired results .

So, how do you apply such a sealer like a concrete paver sealer? Is it difficult? Dangerous? Not at all. Sealing your concrete with a penetrating sealer is just as easy and painless is doing so with an acrylic sealer. It simply involves these few steps…


Step One to Using a Clear Concrete Sealer: Clean Your Concrete

One of the first things that you want to do when preparing to seal your concrete is clean it. If your concrete is dotted with dirt, oil, or other contaminants, it will be sealed into the surface of your concrete. You should be able to clean off your concrete with soap and water. However, for more stubborn stains, you may have to resort to a power washer.

Step Two to Using a Clear Concrete Sealer: Apply Your Sealant

Before you apply your sealant, it’s a good idea to make sure your concrete service is slightly damp. It shouldn’t have any puddles or dry spots. Instead, it should simply have an even dampness to it. This will help the sealant to penetrate more effectively.

Once your concrete surface is ready, fill in ordinary garden sprayer with the penetrating sealer and apply it evenly across your concrete’s face. Make sure that you don’t over apply or leave any puddles of sealant. If you do, it could leave you with unsightly, hard white spots. After you achieve maximum coverage, allowed your surface to dry for several hours. If you are sealing an indoor space, keep the room well ventilated so that it cures quickly and evenly.


Step Three to Using a Clear Concrete Sealer: Clean Up After Yourself

Now that your finish applying your sealant, clean all of your equipment with warm water and let it dry. After a couple of hours of passed, rinse the newly sealed surface of your concrete with water and use a stiff bristle brush to eliminate any surface residue.

Using a penetrating concrete sealer to get a clear finish is as simple as that. After you’re done, you’ll have a concrete space that’s protected from stains and water damage while retaining its natural look.

Here is the best clear concrete sealer options for your project. Contact us at 813-308-9202 for product information, technical support, and training. Visit The Paver Sealer Store for more concrete sealer information!

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