Top 5 Benefits of Brick Pavers for Driveways


So, what are some of the big benefits of brick pavers for driveways? That is the question that we are going to answer today.

When people think of driveways, they often think of drab, poured concrete. But let’s be honest, plain concrete is boring, puts dark oil stains on display, and requires major renovations if damaged. In other words, though concrete might be your first thought when the word ‘driveway’ comes to mind, it doesn’t have to be the last one. There is a better option. And though it may cost a little more, we believe that brick pavers for your driveway could be a far more attractive (and lower maintenance) choice.

1. Brick Pavers for Driveways are Colorful

Is anything more boring than a poured concrete driveway? I don’t think so. It’s just so… gray. And what do we associate with the color gray? Cloudy days? Fog? Dinginess?

Imagine for a moment that, instead of driving into a plain gray driveway, you pull up to your house and see beautiful reds, browns, and dark oranges. Note the way those colors contrast with the greenery in your yard and the flowers and bushes along the front of your house. A brick paver driveway offers an unprecedented look to the front of your home, increasing curb appeal and catching the eye of every one of your neighbors.

2. Brick Pavers for Driveways can be Beautifully Designed

Color isn’t the only thing that sets brick pavers apart from the competition. Because pavers come in small, individual bricks, they can be put together to create beautiful and intricate designs. Whether you want pinwheels, inset borders, stars, or your family’s initials, brick pavers offer a versatile way to create a one-of-a-kind driveway.

3. Brick Pavers for Driveways are Durable

While it’s true that poured concrete is a durable material, brick pavers aren’t far behind. The fact is, quality brick pavers are undeniably strong and can take just about anything you and your vehicle may be able to dish out. They won’t crack under pressure. They’ll last for years without having to be replaced. And on the off chance that one is damaged or cracked, fixing your driveway only requires you to replace the individual bricks that are damaged. This means that they are much easier to maintain in the long run.

4. Brick Pavers for Driveways are Easy to Maintain

You already have a full-time job and plenty of household chores. You don’t need a part-time unpaid role as a driveway cleaner. Fortunately, brick pavers are super easy to maintain. If you coat them in a high-quality sealant, cleaning them is as simple as washing them with soap and water. And if a stain seems to really hold on, just grab a power washer and blast it away once and for all.

5.Brick Pavers for Driveways are Easy to Install

Brick pavers aren’t just more attractive than the competition… And they aren’t just easier to repair… And they aren’t just as simple to maintain… They’re also incredibly easy to install. Contact a local driveway installer, and you can have your new brick driveway before the weekend.

Use our SealThane Paver Sealer to increase the longevity and enhance the brick pavers in your driveway.

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