Top 3 Best Wet Look Paver Sealer

Can’t decide on the best wet look paver sealer?

Wet look paver sealers are essential for any paver area where you need broad protection and an attractive finish. Not only do wet look sealers safeguard your pavers from the fading caused by UV rays, oil and grease stains, and unwanted weed growth, they also make your pavers shine – literally! But if you’ve ever browsed your local hardware store for the best wet look paver sealers out there, you may have noticed that there are a lot of choices to choose from.

While having a lot of options can be a great thing, it can also be paralyzing. We’re faced with so many products… so many pros and cons… so many price points… that we find it almost impossible to actually make a decision!

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 best wet look paver sealers so you can break free from the analysis paralysis!

So, let’s quit talking and get right into the list!

#3 Best Wet Look Paver Sealer: Armor AR350 Solvent-Based Acrylic Sealer

The Armor AR350 is a great choice if you’re looking for a solvent-based wet look sealer that offers maximum protection and a light, low-gloss glaze. It won’t make your patio or walkway look as though you’ve just taken the water hose after it, but it will darken your pavers and gloss them enough to make your pavers appear as if they’ve been lightly misted. It’s easy to apply (with a roller or pump), works for pool patios, and lasts up to five years. If that sounds like it would fit your needs, it’s definitely worth a consideration… though it isn’t your best option.

#2 Best Wet Look Paver Sealer: Dominator SG+ High Gloss Water-Based Sealer

While solvent-based sealers work fine, they do have some major disadvantages. For example, they’re more hazardous to the environment and dangerous to you. That’s one of the reasons that we generally prefer water-based sealers. And this Dominator high gloss water-based sealer is definitely one of the best. It offers a premium look and maximum protection without any of the dangers associated with solvent-based sealers. In addition, it can be easily applied with a sprayer or roller. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a little more for all of those benefits. In fact, its higher price tag is one of the reasons that it isn’t our number one choice for the best wet look paver sealer. Instead, that honor goes to…

#1 Best Wet Look Paver Sealer: SealThane High Performance Protective Sealer

If you’re looking for the very best wet look paver sealer on the market, then look no further than SealThane. Since it’s a water-based sealer, it’s environmentally friendly and completely safe for you to use. But that doesn’t mean that it skimps on the quality. This sealer offers one of the very best ‘wet looks’ that you’ll find.

And SealThane is designed it to be applied when the paver surface is still damp. This means that you don’t have to stretch the sealing process out any longer than necessary. You can clean, sand, and seal your pavers in hours rather than days. While there are plenty of potential sealers to consider, there’s really only one to choose: Sealthane High Performance Protective Sealer. It’s the best all-around option at an affordable price.

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