The Best Paver Sealer for a Wet Look


If you’re looking for the best paver sealer for a wet look, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a wet look sealant on your pavers, and we will recommend some of the best products on the market.

What is a paver sealer for a wet look and what does it do?


A paver sealer for a wet look is a product that you use to seal your pavers. It will help to protect them from staining and fading, and it will also help to keep the joints between the pavers stabilized. This is important because if the joints are not stabilized, they can start to crumble and fall apart over time. The best paver sealer for a wet look will give your pavers a shiny, wet appearance that will last for several years.

What are the benefits of the best paver sealer for a wet look

There are many benefits to using a wet look paver sealer. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Increased resistance to staining and fading – The best paver sealer for a wet look will help to protect your pavers from staining and fading, keeping them looking their best for longer.
  • Improved durability – A wet look paver sealer will help to strengthen the surface of your pavers, making them more resistant to damage from everyday use.
  • Enhanced gloss and color – A wet look paver sealer will give your pavers a beautiful gloss finish and intensify their natural color.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements – A wet look paver sealer will help keep your pavers looking good with minimal effort on your part.

How to choose the best paver sealer for a wet look


The best way to choose a paver sealer for a wet look is to identify the type of sealer that will be used. There are three types of sealers: solvent-based, water-based, and acrylic.

The most common type of sealer is the solvent-based sealer. It is a good option for those who want a wet look because it leaves behind a high gloss finish. However, it is also the most harmful to the environment, can haze or blush, and is becoming increasingly difficult to get due to the high VOC content.

Water-based sealers are less harmful to the environment than solvent-based sealers and they also leave behind a high gloss finish. Newer technology water based sealers, such as SealThane are more durable than solvent-based sealers.

Acrylic sealers are the most durable type of sealer and they provide a natural looking finish. However, they can be difficult to apply evenly and can dull the colors of some pavers.

Once you have decided on the type of paver sealer that you want to use, the next step is to choose a brand. There are many different brands of paver sealers on the market, so it is important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase.

Some of the best paver sealers on the market include:

SealThane Paver Sealer

Paver Seal RX Wet Look Paver Sealer

Seal RX Enhance Wet Look Paver and Stone Sealer

What to expect after applying the sealer


Applying a sealer to your concrete can extend its lifespan and make it easier to clean, but you should know what to expect after applying the sealer. The sealer will need time to cure, so do not apply any other treatments or coatings for at least 24 hours.

You may notice that the pavers appear wet or shiny after applying the sealer; this is normal and will dry in time. Once the paver sealer is completely dry, it will be clear and less visible on the surface of the concrete or brick pavers. However, you may still see a sheen on the surface of the sealed pavers; this is caused by light reflecting off of the cured sealer.

Tips for maintaining your pavers once they have been sealed


Although sealed pavers require less maintenance than unsealed pavers, they still need to be cleaned and protected from the elements on a regular basis. Here are some tips for maintaining your sealed pavers: 

  • Sweep them regularly with a soft bristled brush to remove dirt and debris.
  • Clean them regularly with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or pressure washers, as this can damage the sealant.
  • Apply a new coat of sealant every two to three years, or as needed, to keep them looking fresh and new.
  • Protect them from winter weather by using a snow shovel or snow blower with caution. Snow removal is one of the most common causes of paver damage.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your sealed pavers looking their best for years to come. 

Do you have any tips for sealing or maintaining pavers? Share them in the comments below!

Choosing The Best Paver Sealer For a Wet Look

So, if you’re looking for the best paver sealer for a wet look, we highly recommend SealThane. It’s one of the most popular products on the market, and it delivers superior results every time. Not only will your pavers look great, but they will also be protected from staining and fading.

Give SealThane a try today and see for yourself how amazing your pavers can look!

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