3 Unforgettable Backyard Ideas with Pavers


There’s nothing quite like a well-designed, precisely manicured backyard. It’s the perfect setting for everything from a lazy afternoon to a summer block party. And nothing will bring your backyard together quite like a patio, fire pit, or other social space made with pavers.

Not only do pavers offer tremendous versatility since they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, but they’re also highly durable and easy to install. In short, there’s no better way to transform your backyard into the perfect relaxing or social space than with the help of a little creativity and a handful of pavers.

But just what can be done? Check out these backyard ideas with pavers to find out…

Backyard Ideas with Pavers #1: The Garden Path

If you’re a nature lover, you can have a green sanctuary that’s right outside your backdoor – complete with a garden path. By designing a paver path that takes full advantage of your yard space, you can have a beautiful, healthy place to think, read, or simply enjoy an early morning cup of coffee.

Once you’ve got your path laid out, you can fill the rest of your yard out with flowerbeds, bushes, a bench, or even a small table and chairs. It’s the perfect use of pavers if you love bird watching, have a green thumb, or simply enjoy being outdoors.

Backyard Ideas with Pavers #2: The Outdoor Living Room

Pavers give you the power to create a fully functional outdoor living space. And if you cover it with a canopy, you can enjoy it nearly all year long. In order to take advantage of a space like this, you’ll want to start by planning out a wide rectangular or square patio. Make sure that you have plenty of space to put chairs, benches, a table, and maybe even a grill.

And as you’re designing, don’t forget about the wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes that pavers come in. Their tremendous versatility means you have the potential to create a paver patio that fuses beautiful form with practical function. Whether you want the perfect place to have family dinner during the summer or are looking for a great party venue, an outdoor living room is a great backyard idea for pavers.

Backyard Ideas with Pavers #3: The Firepit

During the fall, few things are as relaxing as good conversation and good food next to a blazing firepit. And with the help of pavers, you can have your very own firepit patio. Whether you want a large space that can accommodate a dozen or more people… or whether you’d prefer something modest to sit around with your closest friends, pavers can affordably and easily meet your needs. And perhaps the best thing of all is that with the right instruction, you can do all of the work yourself.

These are just three possible backyard ideas with pavers, but they only touch the tip of the iceberg. Spend some time brainstorming on what you want out of your backyard space and we’re sure that you’ll be able to use these ideas to jump off to something that’s truly great – and completely you!

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