3 Reasons Why Techniseal Polymeric Sand is a Better Sand for Concrete Packing


We know that using the right products for your project is an essential part of ensuring a successful finished product. Techniseal polymeric sand ensures it does exactly what you need it to do: create a good joint between your base course and concrete slab. It can also be used in other areas such as around buildings, retaining walls, driveways, and patios. In this article, we’ll explore three reasons why you should use Techniseal polymeric sand instead of regular sand when packing joints in concrete slabs.

Techniseal polymeric sand is easy to spread

You need to be able to spread the polymeric sand easily. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and is easy to store when not in use.

When you are ready to apply the polymeric sand, it will be easy for you because there is no dust that comes off of it like what happens with other types of sand. Polymeric sand also makes cleanup much faster than regular concrete packing materials do because it won’t stick to your clothes or get into your hair!


Techniseal polymeric sand is easy-to-use and cost effective

Techniseal polymeric sand is easy-to-use and cost effective. No need to remove weeds and ants, no need to remove sand, polymeric sand is a better product than traditional sand.

Polymeric sand is made with polymer technology and contains chemicals that give it special properties that make it a better product than traditional sand. Polymeric sand has the added benefit of being able to be used on hard surfaces such as concrete surfaces without the use of any other materials such as cement or water because of its adhesive properties which bond together tight enough so as not to allow any movement between them while they are being poured into cracks/holes in order for them not fill up again once they have dried out completely; this makes it easier for you when trying either patching up holes caused by previous leaks from pipes or perhaps even fixing some cracks themselves found within your driveway!

Techniseal polymeric sand prevents weeds and ants

Conventional sand is made from quartz, which is a naturally occurring mineral. Polymeric sand, on the other hand, is produced by combining a special polymer with natural silica sand to form an effective weed barrier.

Polymeric sand has several benefits over conventional sand when used in concrete repair work such as:

  • Density (the amount of material per cubic foot of volume) – polymeric sands have a higher density than conventional sands which means that they take up less space for each pound you purchase. This reduces costs associated with transporting your materials to job sites; fewer trips are needed!
  • Ease of Use – polymeric sands are easier to handle than conventional sands because they have better flow rates when applied at low temperatures during winter months (less moisture). They also don’t require additional additives like bentonite clay which means no mixing is required between batches!

Using polymeric sand in your concrete joints will create a better-finished product

Polymeric sand is a better sand for concrete packing because it is easier to use. Polymeric sand is more cost effective and prevents weeds and ants from entering your home.

Concrete must be packed with care, especially if there are any cracks in the foundation as this will cause water to seep into the foundation of your home or business. Concrete packing helps prevent this from happening by keeping water away from the base of your foundation and allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that your property has been properly protected against water damage.

Polymeric sand has been proven over time to be an excellent choice for filling cracks within a concrete foundation because it dries faster than regular silica sands do, making it easier for contractors who want quick results when working on their next project over long periods of time without having any downtime between jobs due primarily because they don’t need as much time.



In conclusion, Techniseal polymeric sand is a better option for concrete joints than traditional sand. It’s easy to spread, cost-effective, and prevents weeds and ants from growing in your finished product. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional sand that will give your project a professional finish, then look no further than Techniseal polymeric sand!

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